Custom Fans offers a full range of high performance centrifugal and axial fans/blowers throughout Australasia. With access to over 50 years of extensive engineering experience and AMCA certified designs, Custom Fans is equipped to offer world class fans and blowers to satisfy almost any requirement.

All drafting and fabrication is handled in-house by a team of engineers and production specialists with decades of experience on projects throughout our region.

Custom Fans offer the following services:

Fans and air movement solutions
      • Industrial Processing
      • Heavy Duty processing
      • Food Industry
      • Materials Handling industry
      • Pollution control
Additional Services
    • Selection, design and manufacture of fans
    • Repair/Retro fit existing fans
    • On-site installation advice
    • Customized solutions to unique requirements

Range of applications

Clean Air

Featuring our Design 51, backward inclined aerofoil and laminar bladed fans. These fans are mainly used in the industry for supply or exhaust air applications.

Dirty Air

This range includes Backward Inclined, Radial Tip and Radial Bladed fans. The fans are constructed from rugged steel, making them ideal for dust conveying or other industrial air-streams, erosive installations and material handling applications.

Process Fans

Designed for process applications such as boilers, incinerators, pollution control and high pressure systems. Various blade types are matched to application requirements.

High Pressure Fans

Designed for combustion air, pneumatic conveying and other higher pressure applications. A wide range of sizes and configurations assure a selection for every need.

Highly Corrosive Applications

Fibre glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Fans Resist Severe Corrosives. Centrifugal blade types and vane-axial are available to suit any airstream or installation.

Axial Bladed Fans

Vane-axial fans are generally used in variable systems and in light industrial applications such as fume exhaust.

Fan components

For OEM requirements, airfoil and backwardly inclined impellers, inlet cones, inlet vane controls, housings and axial airfoil impellers are available for packaged equipment applications