MA Series


Backward Inclined Single Laminar Type

Available in SISW or DIDW

Backward Inclined Single Laminar Type

400 – 1900

up to, 90,000L/s

up to, 7.5 kPa

up to, 900o C


Dirty and/or corrosive air applications. The backward inclined blades are designed to handle corrosive or dusty airstreams. Typical applications include oven circulators, dust collectors, fume exhausters and emission control systems. Suited for high temperature application of up to 900oC. The solid steel blades are ideal for custom applied corrosion resistant coatings.

A rugged multi-purpose centrifugal fan equipped with Backward Inclined impellers suited for harsh duty applications. With heavier blades to resist erosion and corrosion, the fan provides reliable operation in contaminated air with minimal maintenance.

Impellers are fully welded to deliver structural integrity and operational longevity. Spun steel impeller cones optimise air flow while precision balancing assures dependable vibration free operation. Fan housings are of continuously seam welded steel construction with steel bearing supports. Stiffening braces at close intervals eliminate case distortion due to variations in air pressure and flow. Shafts are of machined, ground and polished SAE 1040 to 1045 Steel. Heavy duty SKF or similar self-aligning ball or roller type bearings are used as standard.

Backward inclined impeller with heavy flat blades that resist corrosion

  • Smooth steep pressure curve
  • Non-overloading power characteristic
  • Spun steel impeller cone optimizes air flow
  • Continuously welded heavy steel plate construction
  • Packaged fans with motor and accessories are run tested and shipped ready to install

Rated fan performance has been tested in accordance with the requirements of AMCA Standard 210. Rated fan sound performance has been tested in accordance with the requirements of AMCA Standard 300.