Centrifugal Fans Australia

Keeping Dust Off and Ventilation Healthy In Industries Down Under

Centrifugal fans Australia based users have come mostly from different industrial players in the country. Centrifugal fans have become the most logical and economical options for industries such as food, agriculture, pharmaceutics, construction, etc. when faced with ventilation, temperature control and dust management concerns. And it could not have just happened by chance. There are a couple of reasons why these types of fans have been one of the most prevalent units in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) field.

Centrifugal Fans Australia: Cost-efficiency is the Name of the Game

One of the main reasons for the Australian industries’ patronization of centrifugal fans is the cost-efficiency that they bring on the table. Centrifugal fans are usually cheaper than axial fans and are easier to construct. Regardless of size or power, a single centrifugal fan unit could achieve what is expected of it as long as it is used within the bounds of its capacity or even slightly above.  The centrifugal fan’s ability to move large volume of high pressure air while not compromising energy efficiency and maintaining manageable costs–is a huge upside.

Common Australian Industries that Employ Centrifugal Fans

Australia is mostly known as a country largely dependent on its agricultural industries. So it comes as no surprise that agriculture is one of the leading industries in terms of centrifugal fans usage. In several agricultural sectors, ventilation and temperature control is very crucial. One good example is in the production of grain.

Centrifugal fans play a major role in the process called grain aeration. The Grains Research and Development Corporation defines grain aeration as a “popular grain storage tool offering harvest flexibility, increased marketing opportunities and better control of grain quality, both at harvest and during storage.”  This process inhibits and mitigates the development of moulds and insects in the produce by keeping the moisture level of grains within the standard level. All that is achieved by maintaining the right mix of humidity, temperature and dust composition inside the silos where the grains are contained. And proper aeration system setup centred on a centrifugal fan is the ideal and trusted way to get through this undertaking.

Another industry where centrifugal fans are of big help is the mining industry. With lots of underground work, dust and air pollution to deal with, mining needs a ventilation system that offers flexible volume and pressure control. And centrifugal fan-based ventilation system coupled with dust control units offer just that.

Custom-Built Centrifugal Fans Australia

The above-mentioned industries usually have their own set of specifications and preference for their centrifugal fan systems. Factors such as infrastructure architecture or geographical location come into play when dealing with large and complex area of operation. Because of this, these industrial entities often go for custom-built or made to order centrifugal fans. This gives them the flexibility to decide on the blueprint of their own ventilation systems and discuss with ventilation professionals the best possible approach to take. This particularly applies for industrial entities with minimal background in ventilation systems.

The Bottom Line

While centrifugal fans are widely employed around the world across different industries, they are deemed to be most vital in the agriculture, mining and manufacturing ones. These industries are some of Australia’s largest and most profitable. The production of these industries could be significantly hampered if centrifugal fan ventilation systems are taken out of the picture.

With money, production quality and reputability on the line, it is no wonder why these industries comprise a huge chunk of centrifugal Custom Fans Australia based users.