Welding Exhaust Fans

For many who work with welding equipment, investing in welding exhaust fans or a ventilation system is absolutely necessary. These fans help ensure safety of the welders and other employees in the vicinity.

Welding is a dangerous occupation, both externally and internally. A welder covers his/her head with a quilted cap to protect the scalp from flying bits of molten metal. Donning a welding helmet and/or mask of stout material or nylon constructed shell can shelter the face from sparks. The helmet also consists of auto darkening glass that protects the eyes from UV particles. Thick shirts or welding jackets, often made of of leather, can shield skin from flying slag, as doe’s heavy leather gloves.

This gear is not necessary for the weld, but it is good for the welder. While there are welders working in less than ideal conditions, who may also work without safety gear, most do realize the need for exhaust fans, unless they are working outdoors.

Dealing with Welding Fumes

Welding is the controlled burning and melting of metal which creates a good deal of smoke and fumes. When the weld shop is inside an enclosed space, some sort of welding exhaust fan is needed to protect the lungs of the welder and those around him.

Welders of most industries employ exhaust fan safety measures, including smaller independent shops and even those with small hobby welding shop in their garages or sheds. Welding exhaust fans protect welders from exposure to the dangerous welding fumes, avoiding the possibility of airborne poisons because their workspace receives ventilation.

Designing a welding exhaust fan setup similar to Custom Fans of Australia designs, is not difficult. It is recommended that the ventilation be capable of completely exchanging the air in the space every one to five minutes. It is simple enough to figure the volume of the shop in cubic feet, and welding exhaust fans are rated in cubic feet per minute. Some shops are even set up with a hood and ducting connected to the exhaust fan. It is theoretically possible to chose too big of a welding exhaust fan. It the fan creates too much of a breeze there is a possibility that it will draw the shielding gas away from the weld, resulting in inferior welds.

For this reason, it’s easier to get a professional opinion as there are always new welding exhaust fans available on the market and you just might need a custom fan setup for your surroundings.