Axial Fan vs Centrifugal Fan

When considering an axial fan vs centrifugal fan, learning the differences are  important. Is it the best fan to use when the aim is to have a large volume of air flow? Propelling air to circulate, the axial fans blades (two or more) propel the air. There are differences between industrial axial fan designs, as well as how they function. There are two main types are axial fans and centrifugal fans.

As compared to axial fans; centrifugal force fans function by charging the centrifugal force. The centrifugal force accumulates when the blades rotate. Air that is being circulated enters the fan through the inlet, and is then exhausted out through the fans outlet.

When choosing the fans supplier, consider an emergency backup service that is fast, honest and reliable in case of machine break down.  The fans are fully welded heavy duty equipment that function in a variety of conditions including the ability to perform  variable functions.

Industrial Fan Functions:

  1. To cool working environment for people to have better working conditions
  2. To assist in fume control of spray paint on wide surfaces
  3. To aid in exhaust mist and cooling purposes in industries
  4. To provide ventilation in working environments where the air may be polluted by dust or harmful gases
  5. To dry ink on bottles and in the printing process
  6. For sewerage treatment and waste recycling
  7. To serve agricultural purposes e.g. in fertilizers
  8. Used in brick work and mining industries
  9. Used in powder coating applications
  10. Dust collection

Industrial fans are a bit noisy, so many are fitted with noise control components like silencers and sound attenuators. High quality fans are manufactured with  stainless steel, painted with a coated using different materials; sand blast epoxy, zinc or enamel.

Considerations in purchasing an Axial fan

  1. Amount of airflow required in the room where the fan will be fixed.
  2. Temperature of the air being propelled or circulated in the room.
  3. Moisture content of air being propelled.
  4. Explosive potential in fan operations.

Custom Fans can help you in choosing the correct axial fan for the right operating environment, will ensure performance and the end quality of your product.