Centrifugal Fan Manufacturers

There are quite a few centrifugal fan manufacturers around the country. This list is not all inclusive, but it should point you in the right direction of you are looking for a reference.

Greenheck – is at the international level of production and distribution of Air Movement equipment. They are located in the United States of America, and they manufacturer Utility and Industrial Centrifugal fans, Domestic fans and rigid Industrial Blowers. They began business as a small Sheet Metal shop in Wisconsin, in 1947, and grew into a world leading manufacturer of HVAC fans and ventilators.

Cincinatti Fan – located in Ohio, manufacturers industrial blowers and fans made from cast aluminum and steel in the ¼ to 125 horsepower range. Cincinatti Fan and Ventilator Company, Inc. has over 170 sales representatives within the United States and Canada. They provide fan selection software and computer aided design systems to aid with the planning process of installation.

Woodcock and Wilson – was established in 1973 in the United Kingdom. They manufacture and distribute Industrial fans with four different blade designs. These designs are labeled Backward Bladed, Forward Curved Multi-Vane, High Pressure and Paddle Bladed. They provide both manufacturing services and maintenance and service.

Aerotech Fans Pty Ltd. – was established in 1943 and centralizes their business around custom-built and pre-engineered industrial fans and blowers. They are located in Australia and they also provide rebuilt and ‘Elektro’ Side-channel Blowers. Elektro Side-channel Blowers are blowers which are Direct Driven by squirrel cage motors.

AirEng Pty Ltd. – provides a wide range of custom industrial centrifugal fans in different sizes and for different situations. Their catalogue includes belt, direct, turbine and couple driven applications. Centrifugal Fans from AirEng Pty Ltd. go through rigorous testing and analysis before they are distributed to the public.

Aerovent – manufactures industrial centrifugal fans and blowers available in direct drive and belt drive which are customized to the project’s needs. Aerovent’s products mostly apply to large industrial applications such as automotive factories, chemical plants, power plants and other large mass production facilities.

Fans and Blowers – is a company in the United Kingdom which designs and manufactures large industrial blowers and fans. They were established in 1970, and they provide centrifugal fans with backward blade and radial blade designs.

Halifax Fan Ltd. – is located in England and they manufacture a large amount of industrial centrifugal fans and blowers with an extensive variety of blade designs. These include self-cleaning, backward inclined, backward curved, radial, forward curved, paddle bladed and high pressure. Halifax gives a choice between fans made out of metal or plastic if the equipment will be handling corrosive gases.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. – is the division that the Japanese car manufacturer has allocated to the manufacture of large industrial equipment. Mitsubishi states that they have distributed 1500 centrifugal fans since 1974. Their products operate in power plants, thermal plants, chemical plants and other large factories worldwide.

Air Control Industries – is a business located in the UK which specializes in large air handling equipment. They manufacture and distribute forward and radial blade centrifugal fans available in single or three phase with 400 volts.

Gruber Hermanos – manufactures low, medium and high pressure high efficiency fans for industrial use. The business is located in Spain.

AirPro – manufactures and distributes industrial blowers and fans for applications such as kitchen exhaust systems, industrial exhaust systems, high pressure systems and high temperature systems.

ACME – manufactures centrifugal fans for walls and roofs. ACME ‘s Centrifugal fans are applicable to domestic and commercial air handling. Their fans are used for lunch room and kitchen exhaustion, school classroom ventilation, hospitals and areas that situate a large amount of people frequently. ACME’s fans are available with Belt Drive or Direct Drive.

If you failed to find the centrifugal fan manufacturer reference you were looking for, please contact Custom Fans of Australia by email and we will try to help you locate the information.